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I found out I have pre-diabetes.  I’m very confused and don’t know what I should do to treat it.  My friend told me to avoid all fruits.  Could you help me with how to treat my new diagnosis and if it’s ok to eat fruit?

A pre-diabetes diet combined with regular workouts is an effective way to treat it. Reduced amounts of carbohydrates, sugar, fat and calories can help reduce the chance of developing Type 2 diabetes. Including fruits and vegetables as well as including high fiber and non starchy vegetables in your meals is a good idea. Simple carbohydrates should be avoided as much as possible to reduce your chances of developing diabetes. These types of carbohydrates can lead to cravings as well as weight gain in most people. Complex carbohydrates however can improve digestion and maintain blood glucose levels. Complex carbohydrates help you feel full longer after meals as well as give you more energy throughout the day. For example, try choosing as much leafy green vegetables as possible, oat bran, oatmeal, multi-grain bread, low fat yogurt, skim milk, and brown rice. These are just some examples! Some fruits can be included in a pre-diabetes diet as well because they are high in complex carbohydrates. Some examples can include grapefruit, oranges, prunes, pears, strawberries, plums and apples. Just remember, fruits contain natural sugar so it won’t affect your body as much as eating a food high in simple carbohydrates with processed sugars. Even though you can consume many fruits, keeping a diet high in vegetables, whole grains, and low fat dairy is also important. Also, fish and lean cuts of beef and pork can be included but remember to remove the skin as much as possible. Staying away from high calorie snacks and desserts, also known as simple carbohydrates, are very important to understand in a pre-diabetic diet.

Diet and exercise come hand in hand when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle as well as reducing your risk for developing diabetes. Making exercise a part of your daily routine can make you an overall healthier human being while reducing your risks for many different chronic diseases, not only diabetes. It doesn’t matter what type of exercise you are doing, as long as you get your body moving it will be happy and you will feel better about yourself! So remember, diet and exercise both go together, one doesn’t work without the other.


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