Halloween Treats!

I recently read an article that was very interesting about halloween. I felt this was necessary since it’s that time of the year again! Here are some healthy Halloween tips in order to stop overindulging in the candy…

Setting a limit on halloween treats is important, especially for children. One or two treats a day is reasonable according to dietitian Kim Kramer. It’s important for parents to be involved in following the same rules they set for their children as well as explain to them the reasoning behind it.

Halloween Healthy tips:

  • Keep the candy out of reach of your children. Allow them to have a couple treats after dinner each week
  • Offer incentives such as trading in a certain amount of candy can get them a book or small present they want
  • Hand out healthier treats such as 100 calorie snack bags or hand out halloween pencils, erasers, stickers or tattoos!
  • Avoid sugar-free candies. These can lead to bloating and cramping
  • Another alternative to candy bars is snack-sized granola bars
  • Don’t overbuy at the store. Take any leftover candy to work or give it away to someone else!
  • Keep moving! Don’t let Halloween get you off track of being healthy and exercising!



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