A Quick Guide to Nutrition Labeling

Here are some quick nutrition labeling guidelines to choose healthy foods!!

  • Whole Grain Council Stamp

This features a stylized sheaf of grain on a golden-yellow background with a bold black border. There are two different varieties of Stamps, the Basic Stamp and the 100% stamp. The percentage of whole grains in the product determines whether the item is stamped with a 100% stamp or a basic stamp (At least 8 grams of whole grains)

  • Heart Check Symbol

This symbol is found on packaging that supports the American Heart Association’s science and recommendations. Foods endorsed with this check have been screened and verified to meet the American Heart Association’s certification criteria to be low in saturated fat and cholesterol for healthy people over the age of two.

  • Smart Spot Symbol

Developed by PepsiCo, this symbol of smart choices made easy was designed as a quick way for consumers to be sure that their choices in the grocery store are contributing to a healthier lifestyle. Every smart spot meets nutrition criteria based on authoritative statements of the US Food and Drug Administration and the National Academy of Sciences.

  • Sensible Solutions Symbol

Developed by Kraft Foods, the Sensible Solutions Symbol flag was developed to assist consumers in choosing healthier choices among food and beverage products. To be labeled as a Sensible Solution, a food must meet criteria derived from the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and authoritative statements from the FDA, National Academy of Sciences and other public health authorities. All Sensible Solution products contain limited amounts of calories, fat, sodium and sugar.

  • Eat Smart, Drink Smart

This logo is found on labeling of foods and drinks that meet healthy eating criteria based on US Dietary Guidelines. The Eat Smart, Drink Smart program was developed as part of the International Choices Foundation, a world-wide initiative with a goal of making the healthier choice the easy choice. This logo is placed on food products that have passed an evaluation against a set of qualifying criteria based on international dietary guidelines.

  • Smart Choices

The Smart Choices program was launched by a group of scientists, academicians, health and research organizations, food and beverage manufacturers and retailers to reduce the amount of independent, varying nutrition symbols currently seen on the packages of food. The goal was for Smart Choices to be the most widely used front-of-pack labeling program in the US and assist people in making positive dietary changes. Products that qualified for the Smart Choices Program symbol would also display information on the front of the package, clearly stating calories per serving and number of servings per container. The goal was to help people stay within their daily calorie needs and make it easier for calorie comparisons within and across product categories.

Source: http://www.eatright.org


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