Displaying Time Rather Than “The Crime”

What do you think about picking up a beverage or a food product displaying the amount of time you’d need to run to burn off calories from a sweetened drink rather than showing the calorie amounts? Do these numbers on a food product even mean anything to you or people around you? Researchers are showing that this could be very beneficial in leading to fewer consumers buying sweetened beverages by using this new technique.

By researching African American teenagers in West Baltimore stores, where signs advertised were total calories for the product, calorie percentages of recommended intake for the day and the time amount of jogging it would take to burn off these calories, it was found that the signs with the time amount of exercise displayed was the most effective. Since many people don’t seem to understand the amount of calories they are consuming in the day, having this available can show them easier ways of looking at what they are really putting into their bodies as well as reducing the sales of high caloric foods and beverages.

This particular study showed these signs to neighboring stores and noticed a trend when these signs when up. Sales of non-sugary drinks went up, especially water, and soda, iced teas and sports drink slightly declined. The amount of time for jogging was based on a 110 pound teenager jogging for 50 minutes to burn off a 20 ounce bottle of soda. However, this number would vary for others such as a 150 pound person would only need to jog for about 40 minutes. Jogging was chose in this study because they figured this is an exercise not a lot of people like to do.

Overall, I think that this study was very interesting which is why I chose to blog about it. I think our stores need to think of new ways to display calorie amounts in a way to motivate and change peoples minds of choosing high caloric beverages and foods. We have began to list nutritional data in restaurants and fast food places not too long ago, so why not come up with this new effective technique in many different locations to see the affect it has on people? What are your thoughts?



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