The Latest On Obesity Rates In The United States

It has been 3 decades of obesity rates steadily climbing, however now they actually seem to be stabilizing nationwide. This new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is believed to be from the positive steps we have taken to make nutrition information important. Little changes such as placing nutrition data on food packages and making sure school lunch menus are appropriate for children to be eating are all ways that were able to address the obesity problem in the United States where 2/3 of adults and 1/3 of children and teenagers are overweight or obese. It is still questionable as to why obesity rates have soared through the end of the century.

New studies from 2009 and 2010 data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey examined 6,000 adults and 4,111 children measuring their BMI (which is considered the gold standard when dealing with a large population). From these statistics, 35% of US adults are obese, having a BMI of 30 or greater. These statistics are all similar to the 2005-2006 data. Although obesity rates seem to be slowing down, an increasing rate can still be found in racial and ethnic groups. Rates have risen to 58.5% among non-Hispanic black women and to nearly 45% among Mexican American women since 2004. And among children and teens, about 21% of Hispanics and 24% of blacks are obese compared with 14% of non-Hispanic whites.
Also interestingly, more adult men are now overweight or obese as compared with women — 73.9% to 63.7%. However, severe obesity remains more common in women.

The Let’s Move! program founded by First Lady Michelle Obama has raised national awareness through actions such as persuading Wal-Mart to stock more healthful foods and working with professional sports organizations to create public service announcements encouraging children to exercise. Many other places, such as schools are working to reduce access to sugary drinks and high calorie, unhealthy snacks in school.
Even though it is great news that the general population in the United States rates of obesity levels are stabilizing, it still is going to take a big change to get these numbers and statistics to DECREASE! Take a look at what you, your friends, your family, and everyone around you are putting into their bodies. Start making small changes to get these numbers under control. And remember to exercise, exercise, exercise!! Small changes make a BIG difference! Eat healthy and get moving!

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