1,081-Calorie Bacon Milkshake.. Seriously??

Jack in the Box has just brought out a new product, the bacon milkshake. It’s not actually made with real bacon, however just real vanilla ice cream, bacon-flavored syrup, whipped topping and a cherry… interesting. Some people are actually loving this milkshake, where others think it is not appetizing at all. Bacon shakes are apparently not new because there are recipes all over the internet where some shakes use actual bacon! Fast food companies are using all different techniques to surprise us. For example, KFC’s Double Down (two fried chicken fillets, surrounding two slices of cheese, two slices of bacon, sauce and no bun) and Domino’s Pizza’s Mac-N-Cheese Breadbowl pasta, where everything sits inside a big bowl of dough!

One 16-ounce bacon shake weighs in at 773 calories, 28 grams of saturated fat, 2 grams of trans fat and 75 grams of sugar. A 24-ounce size comes out to be 1,081 calories, 37 grams of saturated fat, 3 grams of trans fat and 108 grams of sugar. This simply amazes me. What do you think about this? Is it worth it to you to spend all of these calories, fats and sugars on one bacon milkshake? Is this appetizing to you?

Think this product is a bit strange, here are some other food products bacon flavored:

  • Novelty candy retailer Archie McPhee produces some of the wackiest bacon products around. Bacon-flavored gumballs, mints, and jelly beans top our list. After you’re done munching on all of the bacon candy, be sure to clean your teeth using the bacon dental floss!
  • Vosges  the gourmet chocolatier managed to incorporate applewood bacon into chocolate bars ranging from milk to 62% dark.
  • Bacon cupcakes
  • Bacon Mayonnaise (Baconnaise)
  • Das Foods developed a maple bacon lollipop.
  • Bacon ice cream
  • The Kernel Encore Gourmet Popcorn company made its special corn kernels coated with cheddar cheese and seasoned with smoky bacon powder. Thanks to the folks at Kernel, now you can satisfy your bacon craving at the movies.

2 thoughts on “1,081-Calorie Bacon Milkshake.. Seriously??

  1. You’d be surprised. Bacon and sweet goes together, for example, Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, OR, sells a Bacon Maple Bar that is actually really, really good. I’m not sure if I could *drink* something that was flavored with bacon, only because the texture would just freak me out. But I think it’s just one of those things, once in a while is okay, it isn’t meant to be eaten every day. We’d only go to VD when we had out of town friends come in who had never been, it was like a rite of passage. So we did it maybe once every four months or so, maybe longer. It’s all about moderation. Offering something like this at a fast food joint? That’s deadly!

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