Diet Drug–Qnexa

An independent panel of medical experts voted Wednesday that Qnexa’s (a new diet drug) significant weight-loss benefit outweighed its potential risks. The approval moves the decision on Qnexa to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for their final approval later this year. If approved, as it seems to be headed in that direction, Qnexa would be the first prescription diet drug to reach the market since 1999. It is a combination of the anticonvulsant topiramate and the appetite suppressant phentermine. Studies show the medications produced an average of about 10% loss of body weight in the first two years of use. However, last year, the FDA reclassified topiramate as a class D drug, meaning it carries risks to a fetus but may still be acceptable for use in pregnant women despite the risks. Clinical trials on Qnexa also showed an increased risk of birth defects — typically cleft lip — in women who became pregnant on the drug. The study also found that users have an increase in heart rate.

Officials have agreed that they will have a tightly controlled system for those prescribing Qnexa in order to prevent birth defects such as healthcare providing training, monthly pregnancy tests, and a patient and medication guide.

What are your thoughts or comments on this drug? Should it be approved to prevent obesity, do the benefits outweigh the risks?



6 thoughts on “Diet Drug–Qnexa

  1. well this is dumb. everyone is looking for a secret pill or magic trick. its all real simple though.
    stop living like you’ve been living and make healthy lifestyle choices from here on out.

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  3. I wish I could say that it is all a matter of willpower and living right and making healthy choices.

    I don’t like the idea of using surgery or medications for weight loss. That said, I recognize that the body has millions of years of evolution behind its desire to pack on the pounds and new research in Australia is finally exposing the mechanism at work.

    The research is showing that hormones that signal satiety are suppressed in the obese AND the formerly obese, and hormones that signal hunger are significantly increased. this makes the desire for food extremely powerful.

    If medication will help enable the weight loss for the clinically obese, along with diet and exercise, then I think it is a positive.

    I will not be taking them… I will continue on my path of dietary changes and exercise… But for some, that alone is not enough because of the power of the body’s desire to pack on the weight.

    It is, to my mind, wrong to simply be dismissive of what the truly obese go through. I have never been anywhere near the weight that many struggle with but I know from bitter experience how difficult weight loss and maintenance can be and how insidious the desire to eat can be…

    I think if people truly understood the cycle of diet failure that the majority of the clinically obese have been through then perhaps it would not be so easy to dismiss this as another magic pill. The studies on this pill compared those who used ONLY diet and exercise and a placebo to those who used diet and exercise and the pill.

    Again, I am not in favor of pills or surgery… If a person can accomplish weight loss and improved fitness with diet and exercise and is able to follow and maintain a regimen of good eating habits and exercise, then that is obviously a better choice.

    For those who have experienced failure upon failure, then a pill or surgery may be the last best option.

  4. I myself am currently taking an all natural weight loss supplement. I have tried dieting, extreme workouts, starvation you name it, all in the name of losing weight, to no avail. The weight loss supplement I’m currently taking has work for me better than I expected.

    I’m learning that my weight is not from what I’m eating, it from what I’m not eating. As in, I have trouble consuming the correct amount of calories. I don’t eat junk food and sweets, I have cut back extremely on my carbs over the last year, but I’m not sure if that worked in my favor seeing that I don’t get enough calories.

    I’ve tried prescribed weight loss drugs before and they are absolutely terrible. Your heart race, you can’t sleep and a bunch of other issues. If you are going to use a supplement for weight loss, make sure you do your homework, even for natural supplements.

    Remember, most doctors that prescribe drugs for weight loss, do so to help their bottom line. A doctor that genuinely cares about your weight loss will advise you try dieting first. That alone works for some, temporarily. However, for me, it didn’t.

    • Thanks for this comment! I’m glad to see that your weight loss supplement is working for you! I agree that everyone should do their research before putting a pill into their mouths and dieting doesn’t always work for everyone. Thanks for sharing your story and informing us!

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