Do You Feel Addicted To Ice Cream?

Is it possible that ice cream and drugs can have the same addictive responses? New research says there’s a possibility…

With drugs, over time, addicts feel less and less pleasure, though they crave more and more. This effect has been linked to specific versions of cellular receptors for the brain chemical, dopamine. Researchers Kyle S. Burger and Eric Stice, of the Oregon Research Institute, fed kids real chocolate milkshakes while the kids’ brains were being scanned, and found this similar effect.

In a study published online last week by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Burger and Stice first surveyed the 151 adolescents, all of them of healthy weight, about their recent eating habits and how much they craved certain foods. Then they scanned them in an MRI machine while showing them a cartoon of a milkshake, to measure craving, followed by the real shake.  All the kids wanted the shake, but those who ate the most ice cream over the previous few weeks enjoyed it less. Burger believes that energy-dense foods with high sugar can bring out neural responses during consumption that are similar to those seen in drug addiction, but doesn’t believe a specific food can make this happen.

Thoughts? Comments? Do you feel you are you addicted to high sugary foods?



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