Switch Your Daily Routines To These To Start Changing Your Life!

Looking for ways to challenge yourself by making simple changes to your everyday routine? Well, here’s a perfect list of some things to switch up to start changing your health, fitness, and happiness! — Thanks, Laura Schwecherl


1. Planks for crunches.

2. Interval workout for relaxed run. 

3. Incline for flat treadmill. 

4. Zumba for elliptical.

5. Dynamic for static stretching. 

6. Warming up for rushing right to it. 

7. Standing for sitting at a desk. 

8. Exercise ball for office chair. 

9. Gym for napping. 

10. Free weights for machines. 

11. Pull-ups for bicep curls. 

12. Squats for leg press.

13. Personal trainer for guessing games.

14. Foam rolling for static stretching. 

15. Exergames for Mario Kart. 

16. Rowing for biking. 

17. Stairs for escalator. 

18. Fun workout for dreaded one. 

19. Active date for dinner and a movie. 

20. Parking farther away for getting a spot up close.

21. Walking further for running shorter. 

22. Working out with a pal for exercising by yourself. 

23. Hands-free running for holding handles. 

24. Cherry juice for muscle medicine. 

25. Homemade post-workout snack for a protein bar. 


26. Cooking for eating out.

27. Pan-fried for deep-fried.

28. Local produce for supermarket veggies. 

29. Oil and balsamic for other dressings. 

30. Whole fruit for fruit juice.

31. Raw spinach for iceberg. 

32. Greek yogurt for sour cream. 

33. Cinnamon for sugar. 

34. Air-popped popcorn for chips. 

35. Salsa for cream cheese dips. 

36. Frozen grapes for popsicles.

37. Sparkling water for soda. 

38. Fresh fruit for syrup at brunch. 

39. Red wine or beer for a margarita. 

40. Brown rice for white. 

41. Whole-wheat pasta for white. 

42. Oatmeal for sugary cereal. 

43. Biking to work for driving.

44. Packing lunch for eating out.

45. Eating three meals for skipping out.

46. Mustard for mayo. 

47. Avocado for butter. 

48. Lean meats for fatty ones. 

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Source: http://www.greatist.com/health/89-simple-swaps-that-could-change-your-life/


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