Hungry For Change

Everyone please go to this website and make time to watch this free online premiere.. you have until march 31st! It’s worth watching, believe me. —

Along with typing in your e-mail address, you will be e-mailed a 10 step action plan to help get you back on the right track!

10-Step action plan

  1. Add freshly squeezed vegetable juices into your day!
  2. Detox your body with green vegetables & gelatinous plant foods
  3. Add parsley & cilantro into your diet
  4. Add cultured foods into your diet
  5. Eat yourself beautiful — from the inside out!
  6. Dissolve stress in your daily life
  7. Use the power of visualization — imagine yourself in the body of how you would like to look
  8. Transform your life with love — love yourself first!
  9. Add healthy fats in your diet
  10. Avoid aspartame (E951), MSG (E621), high fructose corn syrup, heavily processed diets and fat free products


This is worth every minute of your time, and will hopefully motivate you to make some life changing decisions!


2 thoughts on “Hungry For Change

  1. This is great! I avoid MSG and most other processing bads, including aspartame when it’s in food. One thing that is really challenging for me is gum, however. There aren’t any good, aspartame-free substitutes on the market (at least that I’ve found).

    • That is great news! It looks like you are choosing wisely about what you’re putting into your body! This is a great video for everyone to watch and to realize what we put into our bodies really affects the way we feel, act, and makes us really understand about eating healthy! Thanks for the comment!

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