Employees Keeping Track

A very interesting article I came across. Imagine how much better workers could do their jobs if they knew exactly how they spend their day.

A new wave of technologies called auto-analytics–  from computer software and smartphone apps to gadgets that you wear—let users gather data about what they do at work, analyze that information and use it to do their job better. By encouraging workers to start tracking their own activities—something many already are doing on their own—companies can end up with big improvements in job performance, satisfaction and possibly even well-being.

Many companies monitor what their employees are doing on the computer all day, by watching network traffic or even taking screenshots at random times. But all that oversight is designed to make sure people aren’t slacking off; it doesn’t help them figure out how to do their jobs better. On the other hand, workers are a lot more comfortable with close scrutiny when they’re the ones doing the watching. Software like RescueTime measures things like how long you spend on an open window, how long you’re idle and how often you switch from one window to another. The software turns all those measurements into charts so you can see where you’re spending your time. From there, you can set up automatic alerts to keep yourself away from distractions. Programs like these also let you look a lot deeper into your behavior.

For more information visit: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204520204577249691204802060.html By H. JAMES WILSON


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