Tips For a Healthier Easter!

  • Choose smaller chocolate eggs — A 100g milk chocolate Easter egg contains over 500 calories. So, instead go for small, individually wrapped eggs.
  • Give alternative gifts — You could go for storybooks or toys for children, gift cards, seasonal books or poems, baskets of fresh fruits, or bunches of flowers.
  • Choose a healthy Easter menu — Serve lean meats and fish, such as roast chicken, beef, salmon, or trout. Go for a salad of brown rice or Bulgar wheat with lots of veggies added for extra color and nutrition. For nibbles, dried fruits, unsalted nuts, fresh fruit, homemade cookies, mini fruit muffins, and low fat frozen yogurt will go down a treat.
  • Balance is key — Don’t save all the room in your stomach to pig out at a specific time. Eat throughout the entire day sticking to correct portion sizes.
  • Have an Easter egg hunt — This is a great way to get family and friends active! And you can also use prizes other than candy or chocolate!

Remember, it’s not all about candy and sweets this Easter. Stay healthy and active to help you stick to a healthy lifestyle!



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