Can We Trust Where Our Food Comes From?

When companies claim they are organic or all natural, it doesn’t always necessarily mean that we are eating healthier. After reading an article written on the brand Kashi, who is proud to call its products healthy, it surprises me how much companies get away with and makes you wonder who can we trust with the foods we are putting into our bodies.

“Kashi, the cereal brand that prides itself in natural health and healthy eating, is in hot water after it was revealed that the soy used in its cereal is Genetically Modified and tested positive for pesticides.”

Many people are very upset about the fact that the Kashi company has lied to us, which resulted in its products being pulled from the shelves. Kashi has plenty of work to do to make their customers happy again.

What do you think about all of this? Are you a Kashi fan who is now disappointed?



2 thoughts on “Can We Trust Where Our Food Comes From?

  1. This makes it very difficult to make good decisions. When companies that we trust like Kashi are not telling us the truth how do we know we are making good choices? I am not a big fan of more Government regulations but we do need a balance so we don’t get taken advantage of by Government or business.

  2. No we cannot trust where are foods come from.. we can’t even trust the government with…anything really. USDA and the FDA even have different ideas of what a cup is (FDA’s cup serving is actually smaller then the usdas) but whatever.. that’s why I am trying to eat the majority of my foods, organically.. Natural means nothing anymore.. organic you actually have to get a certain certificate for it, where natural any one can mark their product as such.. such a shitty thing..

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