Tips to help get rid of belly fat!

A great article on tips to get rid of belly fat by Dietitian Pat Baird ..

Some people are more likely to deposit fat in the belly due to genes, hormones, age or medical conditions like glucose intolerance or poly-cystic ovary syndrome. Belly fat is frustrating to many people, and it is also dangerous. Visceral fat is a risk factor for several chronic diseases.

Choose the Right Fat:
Saturated fat; animal products, cheese, butter, etc., contributes to belly fat.
Monounsaturated fat; plant foods, appear not to contribute to belly fat.
Replace butter with soft spreads on veggies and in cooking.
Use more olive and canola oils.
Eat more nuts, seeds, avocados.
Include foods with omega 3 fatty acids like salmon and consider a supplement if it’s not included in your diet

Reduce Alcohol Intake & Watch Sugary Mixers:
Add club soda to wine for a refreshing spritzer.
Reduce fruit juices and punches by doing the same.
Drink more water to stay well hydrated.

Stop Smoking: Compounds in cigarettes enhance the deposition of fat in the midsection.
Exercise: Walking is beneficial because it uses most body muscles and burns calories.
Resistance/weight training is very helpful as it strengthens the core, builds muscle, and continues to burn calories longer.

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One thought on “Tips to help get rid of belly fat!

  1. Great post! Can I add though to be careful when taking fat out of your diet because it’s a macronutrient and needed for healthy organs and brain function. Use in moderation, but don’t be afraid of good healthy fat.

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