Eating healthier on Memorial day weekend

Memorial Day weekend is coming up quickly! This means it’s important to think healthfully for your friends and family. Many popular choices during this time are hamburgers, hotdogs, pasta salads, pork, chicken etc., but don’t forget your fruits and vegetables! It’s easy to grill fruits and vegetables along side your all American meals and is very appetizing too!

  • Try to stay away from fried foods. Aim for bean salads, guacamole, fruits and vegetables. Be aware of high calorie sweet desserts like ice cream, cake and pies. Aim for fruit, or at least try to make fruit part of your dessert (watermelon is delicious!)
  • Try eating a healthy snack or meal before you attend an event. You will most likely be less to overindulge!
  • Try eating a hamburger without the bun, be creative — wrap it in lettuce. A normal burger contains about 500 calories, think about ways you can cut these calories down.
  • Limit your alcohol consumption as well as heavily sugared drinks like soda, lemonade, and fruit juices
  • Pick your favorite indulgence and watch your portion sizes (that’s key!) Eat slowly and enjoy it!




One thought on “Eating healthier on Memorial day weekend

  1. Great advice. You have a happy, healthy and fun weekend too. Good fun doesn’t have to mean unhealthy food!

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