Snacks to maintain a healthy weight!

Low fat Greek yogurt: It is a great source of protein, which helps fill you up and keep weight off. It also contains healthy bacteria that keeps your digestive system in good shape!

Bananas & Apples: They are a good source of fiber! Also, a study has shown that women who eat 3 apples a day lose more weight.

Canned Tuna: An individual can of tuna is only 90 calories. It is a good snack with crackers or with mustard or hummus.

Granola Bar: When you’re on the go and don’t have time to make a snack, some granola bars can be healthy options, but make sure you check the nutrition information before buying your nutrition bar because a lot of them are loaded with sugar.

Low Fat Milk: It is a great source of calcium. Studies have shown that calcium can help speed up your metabolism. If you don’t want just plain milk, add some fruits to make a shake!

Cottage Cheese: half-cup serving of low-fat cottage cheese makes for a good snack, especially when sprinkled with some slivered almonds. The cottage cheese is protein and carbs while the almonds add fiber to this snack.

Hummus: the right combination of protein and fiber, your two best accomplices when you want to control your appetite and weight.

Nuts: They are rich in fiber and can help boost your metabolism.

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6 thoughts on “Snacks to maintain a healthy weight!

  1. Is it bad to binge on granola bars. Because for the last week I have had two (if I’m rounding down by 2) a day, and I’m not feeling any healthier.
    Even though that might be the fried chicken binge…

    Thanks for the wonderful article!

    • Make sure that you check the nutrition labels on the granola bars before eating them. A lot of them are loaded with sugar which take away the healthiness. The lower the sugar, the better! Also, the less ingredients, the better!

      • Nature Valley (Oats and Honey)
        Total Fat: 6 grams
        Sugars: 12 grams
        No expert, but I am going to assume that isn’t healthy.
        Darn, I really like them though 🙂
        Thanks for the advice, have a great day!

  2. The fat in these bars may not all be from bad fat, remember there are good fats too (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated). You have to look at the total percentage of fat and see how much percentage of saturated fat is listed, and if it isn’t close to the total percentage than there’s mostly good fat in the product. Nutrition labels aren’t obligated to label the monounsaturated or polyunsaturated, so this is where some people get confused. And as for the sugar in this product, it is high for a bar, but to my knowledge the serving size is for both the bars in the package, so if you stick to one it will lower it to 6 grams of sugar. Don’t give up something you eat if you love it, just remember moderation and portion sizes!

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