Healthy snacking at work

Keep your desk and the office refrigerator stocked with healthy snacks that will help you curb cravings and avoid temptations..

Almonds: Keep a plastic bag with a handful of almonds in your desk for a snack you can graze on all day. Almonds are full of protein and the good kind of fat, so they’ll keep you satisfied longer.

Yogurt: If your office has a refrigerator, bring yogurt to work. This snack is believed to “rev up your body’s fat-burning engines, speed weight loss”

Peanut butter: Unless peanut butter is a serious snacking weakness for you, keep a jar in your desk to spread over a graham cracker or English muffin. Peanut butter contains the good kind of fat and will keep you full much longer than junk food.  Just be careful to use only a small amount to avoid packing on extra calories.

Apple slices and low fat cheese: it’s a snack “packed with fiber, water and antioxidants” that also keeps you full longer because of the cheese.

Tea: Get your caffeine boost from tea, which has antioxidants and helps you balance water weight.

Low calorie cereal bars: Try to pick cereal bars that are lower in calories and rich in fiber, rather than ones loaded with chocolate and sodium.

In order to help curb cravings:

  • Snack on healthy foods
  • Get up and move around
  • Get enough sleep

For more information: Masters in Health Care


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