This Halloween..

  • Stock up at the last minute on candy. The longer the candy is in your house, the more likely it is that everyone will sample it before the big day.
  • Buy candy you don’t like. This way you’re not tempted to eat it before or after Halloween
  • When kids return home from trick-or-treating, have them set up the candy into 2 piles of what they like and what they don’t like to make sure the don’t like pile gets out of the house. This reminds your children that when they do indulge in sweet treats, they will actually enjoy it and not mindlessly eat all of their candy.
  • Consider a candy buyback
  • Send sweets to troops.  Ship Halloween candy to military personnel overseas.
  • Give away prizes or small toys instead of candy!

For more information:,0,563140.story By Dana Sullivan Kilroy


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