Is Tyramine The New Hangover?

A very interesting article that caught my attention…

Some researchers say a range of unexpected foods, from cheese to pickles to citrus fruit, can leave you feeling like you are experiencing a hangover, but there is still a lot of controversy over this. There is not enough reliable data for this to be proven true, however there are strong believers in this. Some experts believe there may be a chemical reaction that leads to some headaches, while others think foods could trigger a vascular response involving nerves and blood vessels around the head. A possible culprit is tyramine, a naturally occurring chemical in food. 

The National Headache Foundation suggests patients might want to limit their intake of tyramine to help control headaches.  Tyramine’s connection to headaches came to light with the advent of a class of antidepressants, MAOIs. The drugs block an enzyme that breaks down excess tyramine, which can boost blood pressure and cause headaches and nausea when it accumulates in the body. Other potential headache triggers include some foods with nitrites, such as processed meats; citrus foods and juices; freshly baked goods with yeast; soy products; and caffeine and alcohol, even in very small amounts. The most commonly reported dietary headache trigger is monosodium glutamate, or MSG.

foods-that-trigger The Wall Street Journal  “Why That Banana or Onion Might Feel Like Three Martinis”


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