Way to Go Coca-Cola!

The Coca-Cola industry is taking initiative in raising public awareness on the obesity issue in their new advertisements on television. They will begin airing commercials of Coca-Cola’s record of providing drinks with fewer calories over the years but will note that weight gain is the result of consuming too many calories of any kind — not just soda. Later this year, New York City is said to be the first in the nation to put a cap on the size of soft drinks sold in public areas. Also, under consideration is putting the amount of activity needed to burn off the calories in a drink on cans and bottles. I think this would be a great idea in order to gain public recognition of how much time would have to be spent exercising in order to burn the amount of calories consumed just from a bottle or can of soda.

Also, when PepsiCo Inc., the No. 2 soda maker, recently signed a wide-ranging endorsement deal with pop singer Beyonce, critics called for the singer to drop the contract or donate the funds to groups that fund health initiatives.

What are your thoughts/comments on this?

Read more: http://healthland.time.com/2013/01/14/coca-cola-to-address-obesity-for-first-time-in-ads/#ixzz2I3wRNXmn



One thought on “Way to Go Coca-Cola!

  1. Soda with calories (with sugar) or no calories (with artificial sweeteners) will still make you fat. The brain does not recognize that the sweet taste of the artificial sweeteners have no calories or glucose molecules and sends a signal to the pancreas for insulin release. This might result in insulin resistance and sugar imbalances causing obesity.

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