feel good foods;

Great foods to increase your mood! 🙂

Live Dream Nutrition.

We all could use a little extra happiness in our lives, especially in these gloomy months of winter. Why not squeeze in a little smile through your diet? These foods are shown to increase your mood and therefore happiness when consumed reguarly:

Oats (rolled – for maximum health benefits) – Oats are a good type of carbohydrate and a nice warm bowl-full on a winters day (in fact any day) will leave you calm and content. This is because carbohydrates stimulate the brain to release serotonin, a natural chemical which sends the body into a peaceful & tranquil state. If no carbs are present, serotonin is actually unable to be produced by the brain – hence why many low-carb dieters are irritable and easy distressed.

 Almonds – Not only a deliciously satisfying snack, almonds are packed full of energy, fibre, and also magnesium which helps convert your carbohydrates, fat, and…

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