Back To School Tips For Parents

We are getting closer to the school season starting again, believe it or not! Here are some healthful tips to keep you and your children on track..

  1. Stock up on basics: Peanut butter and jelly is a great brown bag lunch staple, so why not stock up? Peanut butter usually stays dry and fresh for a year and most sales are in August.
  2. Schedule play time before homework time: Children need to get physical activity before they get their brains active. After being in school all day, it’s best to let them play and then go on to finish their homework!
  3. Make a cup of tea: An Australian study found that drinking passion fruit herbal tea increases sleep quality, so share a cup with your children after dinner.
  4. Let the kids play chef: In order for kids to be comfortable around nutritious food at an early age, parents need to make healthy eating fun.
  5. Take a morning breather: Each weekday morning, find time to connect with your children to release them from any stress or anxiety they may be going through. Or, simply spend and enjoy an extra few minutes with them!
  6. Celebrate the first day of school: Make your family’s favorite breakfast in the morning or go out for ice cream after school. Make the first day a celebration rather than something to dread.
  7. Choose brain food, not junk food: A late night healthy snack that children can enjoy is frozen fruit. Freezing yogurt and a combination of fresh fruits on a Popsicle stick makes a delicious treat!
  8. Figure out meals in advance: Track down the school’s menu for the week ahead and decide what meals are okay to eat and what days you should pack a lunch.
  9. Practice what you preach: Often times, we don’t think children are looking at the way parents take care of themselves. Children look up to their parents– and the way they eat and exercise can have a big impact on what they think is wrong or right.
  10. Don’t emotionally grocery shop: Make sure your children don’t talk you into buying something that isn’t the healthiest option or what you had in mind to buy. Make a list before shopping and make sure to only buy what is on that list!

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