Holiday Cooking

Here are some smart solutions by April Graff to making your holidays a little more healthier!

To reduce fat:

  • Substitute unsweetened applesauce,  mashed bananas or pureed prunes
  • Use egg substitute in place of whole eggs
  • Use non-fat or light dairy products rather than the original version

To reduce sugar:

  • Consider alternative sweeteners such as Splenda, Delecta or stevia
  • Cut one-third to one-half of the amount in the recipe

To reduce sodium:

  • Cut the amount by half or eliminate completely
  • Substitute salt with festive flavors of onion salt, garlic salt, celery salt and seasoning salt with onion flakes, garlic powder and herbs

Reduce portion sizes:

  • Limit the number of options available to limit the number of temptations
  • Serve smaller portions of dessert items by cutting into bite-sized pieces

Add fiber and protein to your diet during the holidays to keep you full longer:

  • Add flax seed, chia seed or oatmeal to your recipes
  • Use whole wheat flour or whole wheat pastry flour in breads, bars, muffins, pie crusts, and cookies to turn tasty treats into satisfying sweets
  • Dried fruits add fiber and flavor to recipe favorites
  • Nuts are packed with nutrients, including heart-healthy fats, fiber and protein

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Foods For Weight Loss

According to Nicole Yorio Jurick from, there are some foods that will help keep us feeling fuller for a successful weight loss.

  1. Baked Potato: Although sometimes baked potatoes are sometimes looked at as a “bad” food during weight loss, they are full of vitamins, fiber and other nutrients. They will fill you up with great energy.
  2. Eggs: this is one of a few foods that is a complete protein. About half of the protein is inside of the yolks, so it’s not always a good idea to throw away the yolks! Add some vegetables to your eggs and add extra fiber for just a few more calories!
  3. Bean soup: Soups have a high water content, which make you full faster. Broth-based bean soups are high in fiber and will have you feeling satisfied after consuming it. If you aren’t a fan of soup, add some beans to a salad!
  4. Greek yogurt: Consuming dairy proteins can increase satiety and keep blood sugar steady. Greek yogurt contains double the amount of protein and less sugar than regular yogurt.
  5. Apples: They contain pectin which naturally slows down digestion and promotes fullness.
  6. Popcorn: You can eat 3 cups of popcorn for the same amount of calories for a quarter cup of potato chips. Just make sure you are choosing a “smart” choice popcorn without the added butter to it.
  7. Oatmeal: Full of fiber and when cooked with skim milk or water, the oats thicken meaning you can last longer without eating.
  8. Smoothies: Watch out for fruit juices and flavored syrups which contain plenty of sugar and calories. Instead, opt for a smoothie with ice, skim milk or low fat yogurt, and fruit! Get creative!


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