Be realistic this New Year!

Happy 2014! New Year’s Day is one of the biggest days where we all set our year resolutions and a lot of the time these resolutions deal with weight loss. Let’s be realistic this year and set goals we know we can stick to!

START SMALL. We all want fast results, but being realistic means setting small goals and working our way up to where we want to be. Make a small, realistic goal each week to feel successful and look forward to achieving something new!

EAT MORE VEGETABLES.. AND FRUIT. By filling your plate for every meal with non-starchy vegetables and choosing to eat fruits wisely as snacks, you will be surprised how healthy you will begin to feel and might even see the weight start coming off just by switching to this simple advice! It may be extremely hard at first to get used to, but remember always start small! If you’re not used to eating vegetables at every meal, gradually introduce them into one or two of your meals and you will be surprised how fast your habits can change!

WHOLE GRAINS, WHOLE GRAINS, WHOLE GRAINS. Ideally as a nutritionist, we want everyone to eat only whole grains although the recommendation is make half your grains whole grains. If you want to feel fuller longer, I suggest that you eat as many whole grains as possible when it comes to choosing a grain. This will make you feel full because of the added fiber whole grains add to our diet! And remember, our bodies don’t require that many grains to survive, so slowly start cutting back if you are a grain-lover!

PORTION OUT YOUR FOOD. This can’t be stressed enough. Although it may be a lot easier said than done, once you get into the habit of portioning your food out, your body will thank you! With all the over-sized portions out there, especially in restaurants, we have tricked our minds and bodies into thinking we need more food when we really don’t. This may be a challenge at first, but trust me, it will become a lifestyle habit.

GET THE SUPPORT YOU NEED. It takes a lot to be successful if you don’t have people supporting you along the way. Find those who will support your goal and stick to it. If you need extra motivation and are lacking willpower, it’s important to find friends, family, or possibly a dietitian to help you many steps of the way!


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