Eggs – A High Quality Protein

Eggs seem to have a bad reputation these days. There’s always new information coming out from health professionals stating eggs are great for your health one day and are extremely bad for your health the next day. I’m here to tell you that as of now, having an egg a day will not hurt your cholesterol and there are plenty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants found in one single egg!

Eggs make a great breakfast food. One egg contains at least 6 grams of protein. This is a high quality protein which helps you feel fuller longer. Eggs also contain Choline which aids in the body’s ability to transport nutrients in liver function and basic cell activity. Eggs have all nine essential amino acids and do not contain a long list of packaged ingredients because guess what… they’re all natural! Eggs are the least expensive form of high quality protein – 15 cents a serving! And they are only 70 calories per egg.

Are eggs a part of your daily meals? How do you like to eat your eggs? Please share below!

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Top 10 Tips to Eliminate Sugar

If you haven’t already read Get The Sugar Out by Ann Louise Gittleman, MS, CNS — I suggest you do! Here are 10 great tips she gives on eliminating sugar in your diet.

1. Stop adding sugar to your foods like cereals and fruits as well as drinks like tea and coffee! Keep it out of sight to avoid being tempted by it.

2. Refined carbohydrates like white rice, white bread, and white pasta are covered with sugar. Stick to whole grain carbohydrates to help eliminate sugar.

3. Poultry, meat, fish, and eggs are SUGAR free. Legumes, grains, nuts, vegetables, and fruits may have natural occurring sugars but they are all full of nutrients and fiber to help balance blood sugar.

4. Dilute concentrated sweeteners like honey with water or mix sweeter foods like granola with plain cereals and nuts.

5. Fat-free foods aren’t always the best. Sometimes there is two or more times more sugar found in fat-free foods than regular versions of food.

6. Always go for unprocessed. The more natural, the better. For example, choose an orange over orange juice, and an apple over applesauce.

7. Pay attention to food labels. Look at how many grams of sugar are listed on the food label as well as the ingredients!

8. Remember, your tastes can change. Eating a high sugar diet can result in nutrient deficiencies. Stick to lowering your sugar, your body and mind will thank you in the long run!

9. Stabilize your blood sugar by listening to your body. Keep a diary and see when your body is trying to tell you something after eating a certain food.

10. Always aim for balanced meals. You will have better energy, moods, and be able to focus more clearly without the temptation of sugar around!

Boost Your Metabolism

By eating these foods you can boost your metabolism naturally:

  • Egg whites
  • Lean meat
  • Water
  • Chili peppers
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Milk
  • Whole grains
  • Lentils
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Herbs and spices
  • Non-starchy vegetables


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A Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Are you a vegetarian or vegan and struggle with finding meals, appetizers, and sides for Thanksgiving? Thanks to Christine Byrne (Buzzfeed Staff), here are 37 delicious vegetarian recipes! Click the link for recipes. Here’s a sneak peak for what the site offers recipes for! Sounds delicious to me!


  • Sweet Potato Carrot Latkes
  • Truffled Mushroom Deviled Eggs
  • Pear, Shallot, Delicata Squash Soup
  • Mashed Potato Fritters
  • Caramelized Onion, Mushroom, and Gruyere Tartlets
  • Honey crisp Apple and Parsnip Soup


  • Roasted Carrot and Red Quinoa Salad
  • Delicata Squash Salad with Roasted Potatoes and Pomegranate Seeds
  • Wild Rice, Farro, and Tangerine Salad
  • Roasted Carrot Salad with Arugula, Goat Cheese, and Crispy Garlic Chips
  • Ginger pear and Parsnip Salad


  • Slow Roasted Green Beans with Sage
  • Cauliflower with Brown butter, Pears, Sage, and Hazelnuts
  • Horseradish Chive Mashed Potatoes


  • Vegan Mushroom Gravy
  • Cranberry Sauce with Cinnamon


  • Winter Squash Bowl
  • Butternut Squash Lasagna and Shiitake Mushrooms
  • Pretzel Cashew Crusted Tofu with Sweet Onion Chutney
  • Caramelized Tofu and Shredded Brussels Sprouts

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Spending Millions To Prevent GMO Labeling

On November 5th, Washington State will either approve or reject a law that would require manufacturers to display labels that contain genetically modified foods. If this law passes (Initiative 522), Washington would be the first state in the US to require GMO labeling. Large food companies like Monsanto and DuPont teamed up to raise almost 22 million to promote anti-labeling!

The Grocery Manufacturers Association = the biggest donor for promoting anti-labeling, making up half of the 22 million raised.

PepsiCo Inc = spent $2,352,965 against I-522

Nestle = spent $1,528,206 against I-522

Coca Cola Company = spent $1,520,351 against I-522

General Mills, Inc. = spent $869,270 against I-522

ConAgra Foods, Inc = spent $828,251 against I-522

What do you think about GMO labeling? Is it right for US citizens to know where their food is coming from?

Label It

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Can We Really Call This “Stuff” Food?

I was just on (awesome website by the way!) and happened to come across a link to 12 fast food items that have a disgusting amount of ingredients.

Here’s a quick breakdown for you..

  1. Dunkin Donuts pumpkin pie donut — around 50 different ingredients (you may want to rethink your “sweet tooth” on this one!)
  2. Burger King french toast sticks — 82 different ingredients (think again when you’re craving a breakfast food, you’re better off making your own french toast!)
  3. McDonald’s filet-o-fish — 101 different ingredients (think you’re making the right choice by choosing fish? Think again…)
  4. Taco Bell’s Doritos loco taco — 72 different ingredients (if only they advertised all the ingredients on this new product in their commercials.. maybe it wouldn’t be so popular!)
  5. Subway Italian sub — 95 different ingredients (we might think that we’re making a healthy choice going with Subway.. I mean come on, Jared Fogle lost so much weight from eating sandwiches from here!)
  6. Starbucks birthday cake pop — 60 different ingredients (what a great present to give someone for their birthday… a cake pop filled with massive amounts of ingredients.. enjoy that for a birthday present why don’t ya!)
  7. McDonald’s chicken Caesar salad — 69 different ingredients (hmm… who knew a salad could have SO MANY ingredients?!)
  8. KFC pot pie — 208 different ingredients!! (but it’s not fried…)

So, you might want to think again when you go into a fast food restaurant! Even though something may be lower in calories or look like a healthier choice, look closer at the ingredients listed on a food product. Do your research. This is your body, your child’s body. We only get one body to live in. Why wouldn’t we feed it the nutrients it needs? Don’t give in to temptation and advertisements. Stick to simple, fresh, wholesome foods. We don’t need all of this “fake” food to survive.

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Get The Energy You & Your Family Need

We all have heard that eating breakfast is the best way to start our days and get our metabolisms going. But what should our plates look like in the morning to give us the most energy and brain power? The answer is protein and fiber.

Protein and fiber helps us feel full longer, but remember it’s all about having a balanced plate. We all have different appetites and taste buds in the morning, so here are some great options to choose from!

Eggs are a great source of protein, calcium and vitamin D. And don’t forget to add some fiber-rich vegetables to your eggs as well! It’s helpful to add whole grains to our breakfasts such as whole grain toast, whole grain cereal, whole grain pancakes, etc. Low-fat dairy products (as well as soy based products) are also a plus in the morning. Using fresh fruit to put into plain low-fat yogurt is an excellent way to incorporate fruit (another excellent source of fiber) into the diet while getting protein from dairy products. Adding granola, nuts, or seeds to breakfast foods is also a way to get more protein and help us get the energy we need throughout the day! So let’s stop feeling sluggish, and feed our bodies the nutrients it needs!

**These are also great energy snacks to keep in mind for your work days/school days/everyday days!


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Natural Anti-Inflammatories: Ginger & Turmeric

Are you tired of aches and pains in your body? Did you know that two commonly known spices are great sources of a natural anti-inflammatory? Ginger and turmeric have been shown to have the same properties as anti-inflammatory drugs without the side effects. These spices can reduce muscle pain, soreness and even achy joints.

Eating a therapeutic dose of 2 grams – equivalent to 1 tablespoon raw, or 1 teaspoon powder of either spice is enough to get the benefits!

Gelbwurz / Curry

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Read more for recipes to incorporate these two spices in your diet:

Don’t Be Fooled By Food Labels!

Many of us overlook nutrition labels on the back of products we consume because we either don’t want to take the time, don’t care what we are putting into our bodies, or don’t understand how to read them! Here are some helpful tips to reading labels that might surprise you!

  • Most of us overlook liquid calories, so you might not notice that Arizona Green Tea (yes, the cans that are usually 99 cents) has THREE serving sizes within ONE can. And to top it off, it also contains 12 teaspoons of sugar in just one can!
  • Snyder’s of Hanover Mini Pretzels contains 3 servings per bag as well! If you finish one bag, you have also finished about 1/3 of your carbohydrates you need in an entire day. Stick to the serving size: 20 pretzels!
  • You wouldn’t eat 4 apples in one sitting– but that’s the caloric equivalent of what’s in a bag of Seneca Crispy Apple Chips! These apple chips have the same caloric count of a bag of potato chips with even more added sugar!
  • You could eat two whole oranges for the calories that are in Sunkist Mandarin Oranges. These oranges are sitting in pear juice concentrate which is more added sugar!
  • Blue Bunny Personals Premium Ice Cream may be a bit confusing having the name “personals” in it. If you eat the entire product, you will be eating 16g of fat, and 15% more calories than a Haagen-Dazs dark-chocolate-covered vanilla ice-cream bar. Share this “personal” ice cream another person!

Do any of these surprise you?

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Simple Healing Foods

Remedies straight from the kitchen!


1. Banana

2. Raisins

3. Yogurt

4. Apricots

5. Tuna

6. Ginger tea

7. Basil

8. Pear

9. Buckwheat Honey

10. Cabbage

11. Turkey

12. Figs

13. Orange Juice

14. Garlic

15. Chamomile Tea

16. Potatoes


Find out why these foods help heal stress, stomach aches, and headaches!