Feeling Like a Unicorn!

I discovered Unicorn Bread a few weeks ago and I thought it was absolutely amazing! Colorful foods always make me happy. To know that I could use an all natural food coloring made it that much better! McCormick makes a no artificial dye food coloring made from nature. It comes in powder forms in the package and is simple to use! This one is a great way to start your day– especially when you need some color in your life! Make your own kind of designs with all different colors!

I used a low-fat cream cheese for my spread to mix the food coloring with! Here’s some pictures of what I was able to make with it:


Will Cartoon Stickers Make Children Eat more Fruits & Veggies?

The company My Fruity Faces is making edible stickers, to put on pieces of fruit to get children’s attention. Cornell University researchers recently reported that kids are more likely to eat apples with Elmo stickers on them than without.

The stickers are made in Washington state by a company that makes cake decorations. They dissolve in the mouth, have no calories and are made from cellulose, sugar and baking soda. They have a strawberry-peachy flavor that doesn’t affect the taste of the fruit or vegetable.

What are your thoughts/opinions on this?

For more information: http://www.latimes.com/health/boostershots/la-heb-company-makes-stickers-to-entice-kids-to-eat-fruit-and-vegetables-20120928,0,6804349.story By Mary MacVean