Calories from grains have jumped 45% since 1970

“In 1970, the average American got 430 calories a day from wheat, corn, oats, rye, and other grains. By 2009, we were up to 620 calories a day.”

An estimated 90% of the grain we eat is refined flour, which is a huge imbalance in diets today… Refined grains are not only consumed in excess, but also tend to be huge carriers of SoFAS (solid fats and added sugars!) what do you think about that?

We also eat too many servings from the meat group, solid fats and added sugars, don’t come close to making half of our grains WHOLE grains and are eating too few of vegetables, low fat dairy and fruits!

Nutrition Action; Still Not Getting It? 10 Messages That Don’t Seem To Stick; June 2012