Snowmen Bagels

As much as I am awaiting Spring and hope to see no more snow this Winter, here is a great idea for a snowy day! I recently made this at a daycare with children and they were a hit!


  • Whole wheat mini bagel (snowman body)
  • shredded carrots (nose)
  • low fat cream cheese (white for snowman)
  • dried fruit- I used cranberries (mouth and buttons)
  • blueberries (eyes)
  • pretzel sticks (arms)

Picture below is done by a crafty 5 year old!



Heart Shaped Fruits

I couldn’t get enough of my heart shaped cookie cutter for heart health month in February! Did you know you can use a small shaped cookie cutter on a strawberry to make it into a perfect heart shape? This worked so well to add a special touch to fruit skewers for Valentine’s Day! I picked up my heart shaped cookie cutters from Walmart for only $0.99! I love finding great finds at a great price!


Simply take your cookie cutter, push it through the strawberry, cut the heart-shape in half to make two heart shaped strawberries! You can also use these on other fruits, like melons, I just thought the strawberries were perfect for a heart!!

I got a little carried away and made all of my heart-shaped strawberries into a big heart!


*Picture taken by Danielle Colombo, RD*

Greek Yogurt Heart Bites

These Strawberry and Yogurt bites were a perfect recipe that I made for a lot of valentine treats this past February! Not only do adults and teens love them, but the kids do too! This is also a simple recipe that the kids can be involved in too. This recipe was provided from Produce For Kids ( They have amazing recipes for kids to make on here!!


  • 1/2 cup chopped strawberries
  • 1 cup plain Greek yogurt (if you want them sweeter, use vanilla)
  • 2 tbsp. honey


  • Mix together and spread into a heart shaped ice cube tray
  • Freeze for 2 or more hours

For the exact recipe:



*Picture taken by Danielle Colombo, RD*

Fruit Lady Bugs

lady bugs

This is a great one for the kids! Looking for something creative for your kids to make? Why not make a lady bug? This recipe is easy for anyone to make! All you need is chocolate frosting, a blueberry, and a strawberry! In order to draw in the legs, I used a white paper plate for the background in order to see them clearly. These make excellent snacks and the kids can get involved in making them too!

Exposing Children to Veggies

Parents may have a hard time getting their children to eat vegetables, but just remember that when we are born, we have a blank palate and need to be exposed to different tastes. The foods a child is repeatedly exposed to will shape their preferences and habits. If a child is rejecting a certain vegetable, don’t worry because children may need 10-15 different exposures to accept a new food. Also, exposing your child to a garden can be a positive experience– both in learning where their food comes from as well as encouraging healthier eating. Adding vegetables to a certain dishes, like soups or casseroles, is also always a good way to “sneak” in some vegetables that kids might enjoy.


Back To School Tips For Parents

We are getting closer to the school season starting again, believe it or not! Here are some healthful tips to keep you and your children on track..

  1. Stock up on basics: Peanut butter and jelly is a great brown bag lunch staple, so why not stock up? Peanut butter usually stays dry and fresh for a year and most sales are in August.
  2. Schedule play time before homework time: Children need to get physical activity before they get their brains active. After being in school all day, it’s best to let them play and then go on to finish their homework!
  3. Make a cup of tea: An Australian study found that drinking passion fruit herbal tea increases sleep quality, so share a cup with your children after dinner.
  4. Let the kids play chef: In order for kids to be comfortable around nutritious food at an early age, parents need to make healthy eating fun.
  5. Take a morning breather: Each weekday morning, find time to connect with your children to release them from any stress or anxiety they may be going through. Or, simply spend and enjoy an extra few minutes with them!
  6. Celebrate the first day of school: Make your family’s favorite breakfast in the morning or go out for ice cream after school. Make the first day a celebration rather than something to dread.
  7. Choose brain food, not junk food: A late night healthy snack that children can enjoy is frozen fruit. Freezing yogurt and a combination of fresh fruits on a Popsicle stick makes a delicious treat!
  8. Figure out meals in advance: Track down the school’s menu for the week ahead and decide what meals are okay to eat and what days you should pack a lunch.
  9. Practice what you preach: Often times, we don’t think children are looking at the way parents take care of themselves. Children look up to their parents– and the way they eat and exercise can have a big impact on what they think is wrong or right.
  10. Don’t emotionally grocery shop: Make sure your children don’t talk you into buying something that isn’t the healthiest option or what you had in mind to buy. Make a list before shopping and make sure to only buy what is on that list!

Classmates comparing lunchesRead more: Back to School Ideas – School Tips for Parents
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Will Cartoon Stickers Make Children Eat more Fruits & Veggies?

The company My Fruity Faces is making edible stickers, to put on pieces of fruit to get children’s attention. Cornell University researchers recently reported that kids are more likely to eat apples with Elmo stickers on them than without.

The stickers are made in Washington state by a company that makes cake decorations. They dissolve in the mouth, have no calories and are made from cellulose, sugar and baking soda. They have a strawberry-peachy flavor that doesn’t affect the taste of the fruit or vegetable.

What are your thoughts/opinions on this?

For more information:,0,6804349.story By Mary MacVean