Don’t Be Fooled By Food Labels!

Many of us overlook nutrition labels on the back of products we consume because we either don’t want to take the time, don’t care what we are putting into our bodies, or don’t understand how to read them! Here are some helpful tips to reading labels that might surprise you!

  • Most of us overlook liquid calories, so you might not notice that Arizona Green Tea (yes, the cans that are usually 99 cents) has THREE serving sizes within ONE can. And to top it off, it also contains 12 teaspoons of sugar in just one can!
  • Snyder’s of Hanover Mini Pretzels contains 3 servings per bag as well! If you finish one bag, you have also finished about 1/3 of your carbohydrates you need in an entire day. Stick to the serving size: 20 pretzels!
  • You wouldn’t eat 4 apples in one sitting– but that’s the caloric equivalent of what’s in a bag of Seneca Crispy Apple Chips! These apple chips have the same caloric count of a bag of potato chips with even more added sugar!
  • You could eat two whole oranges for the calories that are in Sunkist Mandarin Oranges. These oranges are sitting in pear juice concentrate which is more added sugar!
  • Blue Bunny Personals Premium Ice Cream may be a bit confusing having the name “personals” in it. If you eat the entire product, you will be eating 16g of fat, and 15% more calories than a Haagen-Dazs dark-chocolate-covered vanilla ice-cream bar. Share this “personal” ice cream another person!

Do any of these surprise you?

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