Eat Smart When You Go Out

We all get cravings to eat at a restaurant or want to eat out once in awhile with friends/family. Here are some helpful tips when you plan to eat away from home:

  1. Plan ahead– choose a restaurant with plenty of menu choices, go online and preview the menu
  2. Watch portions and calories– order a side of raw or steamed vegetables right away, the fiber will help make you feel full quicker. Ask for half a portion or order a child’s portion. Ask for extra vegetables and less meat, Drink water before you eat and with your meal.
  3. Know the best “eat-out” foods
  4. Include foods you love when you can!
  5. Order an appetizer as your main meal– it will most likely be a smaller portion
  6. Split a meal with someone else

Smart choices to save calories:

  • Eat a 3 ounce serving of grilled salmon instead of a double cheeseburger (you can save about 440 calories!)
  • Eat a soft taco with grilled chicken instead of nachos with meat and sour cream (You can save up to 1,000 calories!)
  • Eat a medium sized baked potato instead of a cup of potato salad (You can save 270 calories!)
  • Eat 1/2 cup of rice instead of onion rings (Save up to 540 calories!)
  • Eat an English muffin instead of a biscuit (Save 175 calories)
  • Drink a 16 oz. non-fat latte instead of whole milk cafe mocha with whipped cream (Save about 250 calories!)