Eat Too Much At Your Super Bowl Party?

By some estimates, the Super Bowl is one of the biggest feasting events in the United States (second only to Thanksgiving dinner) and accounts for $55 million in food and beverage purchases.

Here are some statistics for you:

  • Almost 15,000 tons of chips and 4,000 tons of popcorn are consumed
  • Twice the average daily amount of snack foods are consumed, about 30.4 million pounds
  • Some 12 million pounds of avocado are sold in preparation for the game so Americans may gorge themselves on an estimated 8 million pounds of guacamole
  • Sales of flavored snack crackers increase 68 percent
  • Sales of frozen breaded mushrooms increase 36 percent prior to the Super Bowl
  • Sales of processed cheese loaves increase 30 percent the week before the Super Bowl
  • Sales of frozen shrimp increase 29 percent
  • There is $237.2 million spent on soft drinks at grocery stores during Super Bowl week
  • There is an additional $11.8 million spent in sales of beer
  • Frozen pizza is the top Super Bowl seller at grocery stores

Did you eat too much on Super Bowl Sunday? What are some of your ideas of eating less?


For more information:

What’s The Super Bowl Without Food?

Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest day for food consumption after Thanksgiving, according to the USDA. About three fried macaroni and cheese balls can pack up to 1,500 calories! Burning these off would take 249 laps down the length of a football field. Pigs in a blanket can be very calorie dense. Each bite sized appetizer contains about 65 calories which means it would take 68 minutes of playing catch to burn off just three of these! Between chicken wings, pizza, and beer Americans will consume about 1,200 calories during just the game alone. The key is to think before you eat and splurge wisely. Some of us even eat two or three days worth of calories on this day. Americans will consume more than a billion chicken wings and about 6,000 tons of nachos!

Instead: Kick off with fresh vegetables and low-fat dip, fruit kabobs, whole-grain breads and a variety of lean meats for sandwiches. During the second half, snack on popcorn, pretzels with mustard dip, baked tortilla chips and salsa, apple slices and low-fat caramel dip. Post-game, offer your guests fruit parfaits or angel food cake with chocolate sauce.

  • Have a small snack before going to a party. Going out hungry often results in overeating.
  • Use a plate for even the smallest snack. You’ll eat less.
  • Moderate your alcohol consumption. Alcohol causes blood sugar to drop, which leads to hunger.